The Legacy

Susan for webOur Concept Muer Kitchens is a culmination of the family legacy passed down to Susan Muer from three generations of great “Muer” food and hospitality. Muer Kitchens has taken the key ingredients of what makes Muer exceptional: simply great food, excellent service, sincere hospitality, and great design.

Our Brand

Through the years, Susan Muer, has created the term “Muerisms”. Muerisms are standards quotations and way of doing business that most people understand and respect. One “Muerism” is taken from Susan’s great grandfather, Joesph Muer, who in the early 1900’s manufactured cigars. His tagline was “Nothing fancy but the cigar”. This Muerism means, “Start with the best quality ingredients, then craft them carefully and simply”. By doing this you will ensure a simply great product. “Simply Great” is what expresses the 100 year old Muer Family Quality Standard. Of course, the Muers’ do not manufacture cigars anymore, so Susan changed the line to “Nothing fancy but the food”. This is Susan Muers’ legacy and promise to continue in the great Muer tradition of quality food and sincere hospitality. The Muer Kitchens logo “The Spoon” is the perfect image to represent what we are about. The spoon, in many cultures, is a sign of love, respect, friendship and comfort. The spoon is the standard bearer for Muer Kitchens. It is out promise to treat our guests as we would treat a friend invited to our home for dinner.

Our Restaurant

At Muer Kitchens you can dine in or take your favorite “Muer” food home to eat; it is all up to you. Susan Muer realizes that most people are too busy to cook every night and wants to offer an alternative to fast food. She believes that the natural trend for her food is to have all the signature items made on site and packaged to eat at home. Muer Kitchens To Go offers soups, sauces, dressings, salads, breads, sandwiches and other signature Muer food and products packaged ready to eat at home. Muer Kitchens is a culmination of what has made dining in a “Muer” restaurant a memorable experience for over 100 years. The food is made from scratch. The fish the freshest; the meat the finest; the oyster the most succulent; the service outstanding; the decor fitting; wines by the glass; The Raw Bar and live music. It is a place to really celebrate life with your family and friends.

Our Food

Muer Kitchens offers the best, most loved dishes created over 100 years by the Muer Family. You are able to order the old favorites along with unknown Muer recipes that have been gleaned from the best cooks ever; the “Muer” home kitchens. Susan Muer  also creates new modern “Muer” dishes to add to her legacy to Simply Great Food.

Our Products

Muer Kitchens features the best products made from scratch on a daily basis in our To Go location. Patrons can indulge in a simple soup or take out a delectable sandwich, whatever they choose it is sure to be everything that Muer is; excellent. Our To Go products features uniquely designed labels with all of our ingredients listed so customers know exactly what they’re getting; simple delicious Muer food.

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