Susan Muer

UntitledOwner Susan Muer was born in Detroit and raised in restaurants. She was born into the now famous “Chuck Muer” family which created and operated 30 restaurants from 1964-1998. Her grandfather and uncle, Joesph Muer, also operated Joe Muer’s Seafood and Oyster house in downtown Detroit, until it closed in 1999.

Susan recieved a B.A. from John Carroll University, and also attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. Susan’s restaurant background is extensive: Like her father, Susan worked all areas of the restaurant, She worked as pastry chef for the Muer Corporation and finalized the “Dessert Program”, instituted in the 1980’s. Susan was involved in the opening of several successful Muer restaurants including Charley’s Crab; Palm Beach, FL, Big Fish Restaurant; Dearborn, MI, and Big Fish II; Madison Heights, MI. Her titles have been many: Pastry Chef, Kitchen Manager, Dining Room Manager, Bar Manager, General Manager, and Marketing Director of C.A.Muer Corp.

Susan’s life changed on March 13, 1993, when her parents, Chuck and Betty Muer, were lost at sea. She took more involvement in the Corp. and worked daily to ensure all food, quality, and Muer standards were upheld. In 1998, not without a battle from Susan, the Corporation was sold to Leo Beil. Susan was told she no longer would work for the family company she helped build. She found herself a Muer without a restaurant.

In 2002, Susan and her husband, John Buda, created a wholesale business, “Johnny B’s Cookies”, which produces and wholesales cookies and other bakery goods to over 80+ grocery stores in Michigan. They also have a retail store in St. Clair Shores, MI. For a long time though, Susan has dreamed of revitalizing “Muer” food. While at Johnny B’s Cookies, she started creating and packaging food that could be sold in grocery stores and brought home to eat. Really yummy Muer food.

She has developed a line of “Muer Kitchens” soups, dressings, and other items, and realizes most of her food has grocery store potential. The idea then became a concept called “Muer Kitchens”, where you have the great Muer dining experience along with the Muer food packaged to go. My father, Chuck Muer, would be thrilled to know that Muer food has evolved. Now you can dine in, OR, take it home, prepared ready to eat.

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